Sustainable solutions for complex problems

Building relationships between diverse stakeholders and leveraging collaboration for “best option” discoveries

About Us

E-K’s mission is to aid organizations in the design and implementation of sustainable solutions for complex problems. Utilizing time-tested methods and innovative techniques, E-K helps organizations drive results by tapping into the vast knowledge that’s already embedded within their organization. They aim to look after all stakeholders’ motivations while still designing a solution that will bring tangible results.

Our Services


Eduardo and Erica are passionate about sharing their knowledge and have spoken to audiences around the world about their experiences with solving complex organizational issues.


Are you being faced with a complex problem within your organization? E-K offers advising services to help design and implement solutions for multifaceted problems within organizations.

Corporate Training

Eduardo and Erica offer corporate training for teams undergoing solution implementation, educating stakeholders on the elements and desired results of a solution.

From Problem-Solving To Solution Design

Eduardo and Erica Campos’ new book, From Problem Solving to Solution Design: Turning Ideas into Actions, is a field guide to finding the best path when designing sustainable solutions for complex problems within organizations. This book provides five critical checkpoints to aid those designing and implementing solutions, as well as many other innovative techniques and resources.