About Us

About Embedded-Knowledge

E-K’s mission is to aid organizations in the design and implementation of sustainable solutions for complex problems. Utilizing time-tested methods and innovative techniques, E-K helps organizations drive results by tapping into the vast knowledge that’s already embedded within their organization. They aim to look after all stakeholders’ motivations while still designing a solution that will bring tangible results.

What We Do

Complex organizational issues present obstacles such as multiple stakeholders, endless variables, and countless possible solutions.

E-K can help to find the root of an issue, designing a solution that will address the cause rather than simply treat the side effects.

Their innovative methods create initiatives that not only address the issue that is currently at hand but change and grow as the organization does.

The Founders

J. Eduardo Campos, EMPA and Erica W. Campos, EMPA have a combined tenure of over fifty years solving complex problems for global organizations.

Eduardo is an expert in strategic, inclusive solution design with a background in business development for global organizations. He has worked on four continents, tackling intercultural and multinational problems in newly emerging markets.

Erica has over twenty-five years of experience as a management professional with a focus on building transparent, ethical, and sustainable relationships across diverse groups. She gained her solution-designing expertise while working at consulting firms and financial institutions, working with diverse teams around the world.

In addition to their extensive real-world experience, both Eduardo and Erica have undergone thousands of hours of formal training at prominent academic institutions, both holding Executive Master Degrees in Public Administration.