Solution Designing 101

How Equipped is Your Organization for Designing Solutions that Matter?

Creating solutions that solve complex problems can often become a tricky adventure, even for seasoned solution designers.

Complex organizational problems are identifiable because they have several stakeholders, endless variables, and a myriad of possible solutions. How do you discover the essential problem, anticipate pitfalls, avoid mistakes, and ultimately design the “right” solution? Your organization’s approach to these questions may very well determine its long-term success or failure.

If you’re a professional working in the public, private, or not-for-profit sector, and your role leaves you faced with the challenge of designing and implementing solutions to complex problems, this assessment is for you. The 10 short questions that follow serve to evaluate your organization’s ability to design lasting solutions that matter.

Approach each question with complete honesty and self-awareness. Choose the responses that most accurately reflect your experience. Based on your results, you will receive a set of personalized feedback as well as practical, actionable strategies to harness your organization’s embedded knowledge and design winning solutions.

This will only take a few minutes of your time, and the results could have a tremendous impact on the future of your business. Get started below.

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