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“Get out of your seat and dive into solution-design methods that will help your organization solve problems across borders, time zones, and cultures.”

From Problem Solving To Solution Design

Solution design leaders with over fifty years of combined experience, Eduardo and Erica Campos have compiled their expertise into a field guide for those working toward implementing lasting solutions within organizations. From Problem Solving to Solution Design: Turning Ideas into Actions is a pragmatic, condensed resource that provides readers with vital checkpoints to guide them in assessing problems and designing sustainable solutions.

This book includes techniques, case studies, and templates used by global organizations to design and implement initiatives that address complex organizational issues in a way that drives results and satisfies all parties involved. In addition to these field-tested approaches, From Problem Solving to Solution Design provides readers with references to further research specific topics of interest. This guide is an invaluable resource for anyone charged with tackling complex problems.

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Praise for the book

Eduardo and Erica hold together the big picture with all its complexity and multi-variable data and at the same time, break down the information, section by section, into manageable, actionable steps. A feat of magic? Rather, an amazing ability to understand what it takes to move a project forward with many stakeholders. Applying design principles like visualizing data, and uncovering priority and hierarchy through charts, graphs and maps, speeds up the process and engages the team toward action. From Problem Solving to Solutions Design teaches you how to engineer and implement a successful project. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to sell their idea through an organization for buy-in, action and impact.

- Pascha Scott
CEO, Vertetude Brand Communications and Retail Design

If you're seeking a solution within a complex organization this book is an invaluable guide. I’ve read other change management texts that get lost in the forest of jargon and theory; missing the bigger picture of how to achieve your goal in the real world. Eduardo and Erica have given me the tools to successfully create lasting change in my organization, and their system is one I’ll refer to frequently.

- L. David Prindle
Executive Director, Accelement

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