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“Get out of your seat and dive into solution-design methods that will help your organization solve problems across borders, time zones, and cultures.”

From Problem-Solving To Solution Design

Solution design leaders with over fifty years of combined experience, Eduardo and Erica Campos have compiled their expertise into a field guide for those working toward implementing lasting solutions within organizations. From Problem Solving to Solution Design: Turning Ideas into Actions is a pragmatic, condensed resource that provides readers with vital checkpoints to guide them in assessing problems and designing sustainable solutions.

This book includes techniques, case studies, and templates used by global organizations to design and implement initiatives that address complex organizational issues in a way that drives results and satisfies all parties involved. In addition to these field-tested approaches, From Problem Solving to Solution Design provides readers with references to further research specific topics of interest. This guide is an invaluable resource for anyone charged with tackling complex problems.

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Praise for the book

Eduardo and Erica have written a very practical guide for dealing with complex problems. Through their” IDEAS (Identify, Design, Engage, Act, Sustain) Framework” they have simplified the complex giving the reader a recipe for success. The concepts are brought to life through the case studies reflecting their own diverse experiences. This is a great field handbook for business leaders and consultants alike. The reader is given tools, processes and frameworks for addressing everyday business challenges. I am already taking some of their concepts and frameworks and integrating these into my practice

Paul O’Beirne
Principal/ ORCA HR Solutions

From beginning to end, this book is an excellent read for anyone dealing with complex problems in any organization. Eduardo and Erica really simplified the process of thinking through the main variables, understand stakeholder management and focus on addressing what is essential to address the problem and design the best solution possible. The case studies illustrate the reality of every day and make it easier to digest and understand the concepts thought throughout the book.

Hiram Machado
CEO/ adaQuest, Inc