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Eduardo and Erica are passionate about sharing their knowledge and have spoken to audiences around the world on their experiences with solving complex organizational issues. They have contributed to MBA courses and presented at industry and corporate events. For more information, visit the Speaking page on this site.


Are you being faced with a complex problem within your organization? E-K offers advising services to help design and implement solutions for multifaceted problems within organizations. E-K can lead you and your team through the entire solution-design process, dissecting the problem, crafting the best solution, and leading stakeholders through implementation. These time-tested methods produce sustainable solutions that can adapt to the ever-changing climate of your organization. Contact E-K to set up your first consultation today.

Corporate Training

Initiatives affecting many stakeholders across multiple areas of an organization require widespread cooperation to drive lasting results. E-K guides organizations through all aspects of complex problem solving, from ideation and design all the way to corporate training. Eduardo and Erica offer corporate training for teams undergoing solution implementation, educating stakeholders on the elements and desired results of a solution. They lead trainings that focus on speaking in a way that will resonate with employees, taking into consideration what is important to different groups involved in initiatives. Contact E-K for more information regarding corporate training.

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