Eduardo and Erica have written a very practical guide for dealing with complex problems. Through their” IDEAS (Identify, Design, Engage, Act, Sustain) Framework” they have simplified the complex giving the reader a recipe for success. The concepts are brought to life through the case studies reflecting their own diverse experiences. This is a great field handbook for business leaders and consultants alike. The reader is given tools, processes and frameworks for addressing everyday business challenges. I am already taking some of their concepts and frameworks and integrating these into my practice

Paul O’Beirne
Principal/ ORCA HR Solutions

From beginning to end, this book is an excellent read for anyone dealing with complex problems in any organization. Eduardo and Erica really simplified the process of thinking through the main variables, understand stakeholder management and focus on addressing what is essential to address the problem and design the best solution possible. The case studies illustrate the reality of every day and make it easier to digest and understand the concepts thought throughout the book.

Hiram Machado
CEO/ adaQuest, Inc

Problem Solving to Solution Design’ is a great compass for all the professionals out there. Having personally worked with Eduardo on tackling very complex and transformational opportunities in emerging markets, I have seen Eduardo apply the ‘IDEAS’ framework to boil down big, bold ambitions into clearly articulated and structured plans. In particular, I have learned a lot from us putting into action the stakeholder engagement plan in order to get buy-in from Senior Leadership Team across multiple organizations, both inside and outside of Microsoft which ultimately led us to launch a large and breakthrough entrepreneurial endeavor in Latin America. I commend Eduardo and Erica for their passion and commitment to drive clarity and simplicity – and for making this project come to life. I strongly believe every professional – be him/her an entrepreneur, senior executive or someone just fresh from MBA – to review and apply the great lessons synthesized in this masterpiece.

Beny Rubinstein
Head of Microsoft Digital Stores in Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, and former Chief Executive Officer, Acelera Partners/

Eduardo and Erica have effectively leveraged experiences in their respective corporate careers to bring the reader easy to understand frameworks for managing complex problems. The case studies illustrate some of their methodologies in practice and provide real life adaptations of their theoretical work. I recommend this book to anyone trying to tackle challenging problems and looking for innovative approaches.

Ed Steidl
Director/ Microsoft

If you’re seeking a solution within a complex organization this book is an invaluable guide. I’ve read other change management texts that get lost in the forest of jargon and theory; missing the bigger picture of how to achieve your goal in the real world. Eduardo and Erica have given me the tools to successfully create lasting change in my organization, and their system is one I’ll refer to frequently.

L. David Prindle
Executive Director/ Accelement

Eduardo and Erica hold together the big picture with all its complexity and multi-variable data and at the same time, break down the information, section by section, into manageable, actionable steps. A feat of magic? Rather, an amazing ability to understand what it takes to move a project forward with many stakeholders. Applying design principles like visualizing data, and uncovering priority and hierarchy through charts, graphs and maps, speeds up the process and engages the team toward action. From Problem Solving to Solutions Design teaches you how to engineer and implement a successful project. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to sell their idea through an organization for buy-in, action and impact.

Pascha Scott
CEO/ Vertetude Brand Communications and Retail Design